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Waiting is a Killer

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Do you know any film bloggers?

Do you know any journalists?

Could you share the film on your blog or Facebook page?

With TimeLock now released on Distrify on Facebook and this website (see below), Facebook and on Vimeo VOD, it’s now all about trying to get the message out there.

When you start a movie it seems that the biggest challenge is going to be making the film, but as an increasing number of filmmakers (including me) are finding out the real challenge these days is making the distribution work. According to Julia Short of Verve Pictures, a respected specialist independent distributor speaking at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the average British film makes £960.00 at the box office. Not good, particularly when you factor in the occasional stammering British hit to boost the box office averages.

So what is the solution for indie film if theatrical distribution is only now a form of PR. Well the BFI, Skillset, and Creative Scotland have all put their money behind viral distribution system, Distrify.

Distrify is a great model in theory: whoever embeds the film on their Facebook page or blog, or shares the film virally, receives a 10% cut of any sales as tracked through the Distrify engine. And as soon as they hit £50.00 they can download the money through Paypal.  But for this viral distribution to work, we really need to find people who care about independent film in the UK and are prepared to help us get the word out into the wider world

We currently have a new feature, ‘Into the Trees’ in the late stages of development and we hope to make the film in 2014 subject to winning back some of our ‘poker’ money from ‘TimeLock’ to reinvest in the next film.

So can we make Distrify and VOD work, that’s the fifty thousand dollar question? Only time will tell. But if you are reading this you can help?

The word so far from the few reviewers and film professionals who have seen ‘TimeLock’ so far is very good.

“Gripping plot with emotive undertones” writes Peter Swindon of the Courier, “Incredibly well shot given the micro budget.”

“The lead character’s performance was brilliant. He allowed the viewer to get right inside his head.” Writes Kirsten Johnson of the Mail on Sunday.

“The twists and turns had me guessing all the way to the end.” Ros Borland, co-producer on ‘The Last King of Scotland’.

We’re obviously delighted, but as the saying goes ‘it takes a village to raise a child’’. So if you are able to help in any way by sharing the film or introducing it to journalists, cineastes or film buffs, we’d be eternally grateful.

How to use Distrify

To share the film via Distrify, this is all you need to do:

1/ Click on the ‘Share’ arrow on the film on the homepage.
2/ This will bring up a pop-up with a series of options to share on Facebook, Twitter, email or to embed the film on your webpage.
3/ Distrify keeps a record of where every sale comes from so the more you sell, the more money you make.

Go on, give it a try…

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