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Waiting is a Killer

Timelock Mark&Cal2

TimeLock film was shot on a micro budget in just 11 days so the cinematography was quite a challenge.

After long discussions with the writer/director, David Griffith we decided to take a bold approach that would give the film a strong cinematic style whilst also allowing us to film in such a short time period.  The concept was to limit the point of view shown on screen to only the two principle characters – this helped focus the film on the encounter between the two characters, increasing the tension and claustrophia that builds up as the night progresses. This also limited the amount of coverage required for each scene, which enabled us to work much faster.

As the film progresses I gradually brought the angle of the lights lower and lower creating a more unnatural look. By the end of the film I was going for an all out low-key lighting style from the great days of film noir, albeit in colour.

The film was shot on first generation of video shooting DSLRs. After working with RAW images and negative scans to then work with the very heavily compressed footage from these cameras was a challenge. I did the colour grading myself and surprisingly the heavily compressed footage actually held up quite well.

The film is now being sold around the world and will hopefully be seen in film festivals soon and on DVD.

Simon Hipkins, November 2012

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