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Lauren Lamarr - Location Manager 'TimeLock' 2012

Lauren Lamarr – Location Manager ‘TimeLock’ 2012

ON LOCATION – with Lauren Lamarr

Timelock The Movie was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had in my professional life so far.  When you are trying to take the first proper steps into filmmaking, it can be quite a difficult transition.  Going from working with friends, or classmates, in what is often a ‘guerilla’ style approach, to being on a huge, busy set, can be daunting. It is not often that, at such an early stage of your career, you have the opportunity to come into a professionally led team making a feature film, and have direct contact with the Director/ Writer and Producer. On Timelock, I got to work through the whole process, from the location scouting, to wrap on camera, with a small close crew.
Everyone was paid, treated extremely well and given patient guidance when needed.
I think there is a place for all types of filmmaking, from one person running around on their own with a camera, to multimillion pound blockbusters, where everyone has their individual role.  The objective at the end of the day is the same, making a film that people will enjoy watching, whether it is for commercial gain or not.  The micro budget feature template to me is so very important. It is an invaluable learning ground for cast and crew, it puts money straight back into local resources, and not every film can command a budget of millions of pounds, what a shame it would be to miss out on these stories!
I hope to go on to Produce for film and TV, and being part of this project certainly made me feel like it is well worth pursuing your goals, even if you don’t have a large amount of financial backing for every project.

                                                                                                             Lauren Lamarr

Admin: Since working on ‘TimeLock’ Lauren has produce the BAFTA new talent award winning short film ‘Lost Serenity’ (2013) which was written by Alan McLaughlin, who also focus pulled on ‘TimeLock”.

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