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Scotland is a fantastic place to make films — Danielle Stewart reflects on her experiences making ‘TimeLock’

Danielle Stewart plays Maria in 'TimeLock'.

Danielle Stewart plays Maria in ‘TimeLock’.

Thinking back on my experience on Timelock the best way I can describe it is that it felt like relaxed professionalism. When I met David Griffith for the first time alongside my good friend John C Gilmour and soon to be co-star Alton Milne, I was expecting an audition with the hope of having a recall and maybe I’d get lucky by being offered the role. What I didn’t realise was that I already had the part of Maria – the meeting was to make sure I wanted to be involved (which of course I did!). This has led me to believe that the aspect I feel worked so well on Timelock was that intuition was used to trust that people would get on with their job and do it well. There was no pretension or room for ego; it was about a story and how to bring it to the best possible outcome on screen.

The team were professional, focused and very visual on what they wanted, but yet they were genuine and respectful. It’s a rarity and privilege to be on a set where you are amongst people with no other agenda but to make the best film they can. No matter how long or short we were on set for, there was friendship, friendly faces and a community spirit and I feel those elements are how you get the best out of people – and of course laughter.

Scotland is a fantastic place to make films as I feel that it is the people who make it such an enjoyable experience as they are supportive and want to see each other do well. I cannot wait to see Timelock on the big screen at the Go North Festival. One: to be reunited with the cast and crew who worked so well together, but also to see the final product and witness the hard work that everyone has contributed towards. Plus John C. Gilmour is an excellent drinking partner.

Danielle Stewart plays Maria in TimeLock

Danielle Stewart plays Maria in TimeLock

                                                                                                                     Danielle Stewart

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