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The soundman speaks out – Marcin Knyziak on working as a sound recordist on ‘TimeLock’

CrewMarcinKnyziak“Working on Timelock was for several reasons a memorable experience. First of all since we only had two weeks for the shoot it was a pleasant surprise to discover that main actors John and Alton were well versed in their parts. I think that they spent few months rehearsing the script with David and that was the key component which allowed us to shoot the movie in time. Frankly with the dialogue heavy scenes running up to ten minutes in a single shot it was the only way to do it.

Now the style of shooting was another interesting aspect of the film. Due to length of the takes actors really had time to warm up and build up their performances. Time wise the whole shoot was on the hectic side with us shooting up to ten pages of the script a day. That said due to good organization we hardly ever run overtime which I found a miracle. Since big parts of the film were shot with hand held camera sound department had to be always on their feet and ready to follow the action.

If I had to pick up the single aspect of the process that had the biggest impact on our filming it would definitely be the pre-production done by David and our producer Inge. First of all director really knew what he wanted to shoot which is not always the case. Although we did embrace a few happy findings during the filming process, the vast majority of the shots were pre-planned and there was never confusion of what we need to shoot on the day.

Our cast and crew may have been limited but was never less a great fun to work with and it’s because of they hard work that shoot went smooth and provided some good memories.”

Marcin Knyziak 

Sound Recordist / Designer

+44 (0)7957769790

Marcin Knyziak, sound recordist extraordinaire

Marcin Knyziak, sound recordist extraordinaire

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