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Waiting is a Killer

TimeLock has just won the Claw Award for Best Feature Film at the Terror Film Festival 2014.

TerrorFilmFestival2014 LaurelWinFeat









Congratulations and many thanks to our small but highly dedicated cast and crew who made this possible. Particular mention should go to actors: John C Gilmour, Alton Milne, Danielle Stewart, Leo Horsfield, Jess Luisa Flynn, Stephen Cleland and Lauren Lamarr. And to HODs: cinematographer Simon Hipkins, editor Florian Nonnenmacher, sound recordist Marcin Knyziak, sound designer Dave McAulay (now enjoying well deserved success with ‘From Scotland with Love’), hair and make-up Nina Blake and production designer Ryan Clachrie.

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Here are the nomination laurels.

TerrorFilmFestival2014 Nominee ScrFeature TerrorFilmFestival2014 Nominee Feature TerrorFilmFestival2014 Nominee Cine TerrorFilmFestival2014 Nominee ActorSupp TerrorFilmFestival2014 Nominee Actor

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